The Top CapCut Templates For Instagram to Try This Week

The Top CapCut Templates For Instagram to Try This Week

This Week's Must-Try CapCut Templates

Each week, we will provide you with the latest CapCut template trends, their descriptions, and suggestions on how to incorporate them into your strategy.

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Trending CapCut Templates
Trending CapCut Templates

Trending CapCut Templates

Trending CapCut Templates

CapCut templates are an invaluable resource for brands and businesses aiming to enhance their social media content effortlessly, particularly for novices who feel daunted by conventional video editing software. The fact that TikTok and CapCut share the same parent company means that you can easily access CapCut templates directly from the TikTok app as well. What sets CapCut templates apart is their remarkable capacity to simplify and democratize content creation, even for those who lack prior experience in video editing. You don't need any editing skills whatsoever: simply import your clips into a pre-existing template, and you'll be well on your way to enhancing your visibility.

There are two main approaches to discovering and utilizing CapCut templates: firstly, via the CapCut app itself, and secondly, through TikTok. However, to access these templates from both platforms, it's important to first download the CapCut app. Moreover, there are a variety of avenues to find CapCut templates within TikTok. One option is to browse through your FYP (For You Page) until you stumble upon the 'Use this template in CapCut' prompt. Following this, you will be redirected to CapCut, where you can personalize the template by incorporating your own photos or videos and even modifying the text. Alternatively, you can employ the TikTok search function by entering 'CapCut templates' and perusing the results until you discover a template that suits your needs.

A Roundup of the Top CapCut Templates on TikTok — July 2023 Edition

Explore the most popular CapCut templates of this month.
Template Trend: My Album — July 21, 2023

Template Recap: Planning to document your recent vacation or showcase your latest product launch? This trending CapCut template is perfect for you!

Simply upload 25 photos to the template, and voila, you'll create an outstanding TikTok video effortlessly.
CapCut Template: My album – @Hoh

Template Trend: What Do You Mean — July 21, 2023

Template Recap: Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on Hot Ones, we find ourselves pondering, "What do you mean?!"

To join this trend, utilize this pre-designed layout along with text overlay, a photo or video (to fill the greenscreen), and share something that requires clarification.